Core Values

The core values of our firm are part of our DNA—infused in the way our team thinks, works and respects each other and our clients. Matarin aspires to be a symbol of stewardship within our industry, build strategic alliances with our clients based on the highest of ethical standards, and deliver excellent performance through insight, passion and diligence.

We believe in…

  • Being true stewards of our clients’ assets by generating long-term returns and taking appropriate risks.
  • Personal and professional integrity.
  • Passion about Matarin and our life’s work.
  • Aligned incentives within the firm, and with our clients.
  • A culture that fosters teamwork, a commitment to continuous learning, innovation and insightful solutions.
  • Effective communication and thoughtful conversations with the investment community.
  • Taking action based upon perspectives that are long-term and global.