Matarin’s Investment Team

Stuart Kaye, Nili Gilbert and Ralph Coutant are responsible for Matarin’s proprietary model development, portfolio construction and day-to-day management (including trading) of all investment strategies. Stuart, Nili and Ralph have been successfully investing client assets for 20+, 11+ and 15+ years, respectively. The three worked together for over a decade developing and deploying strategies similar to those at Matarin while at Invesco. Stuart worked with Ralph for 8 years, and Nili with Ralph for 7 years at Invesco prior to founding Matarin.

As a partner at AJO, Stuart focused on both portfolio management and research for all AJO quantitative products. He was responsible for researching and selecting individual factors, assessing and assigning weights in the construction of client portfolios, and running optimizations for approximately $20 billion assets under management (AUM).

Prior to AJO, Stuart served as U.S. Head of Research for the Quantitative Strategies Group at Invesco (and its predecessor, Chancellor Capital Management), and was responsible for both research and portfolio management. While at Invesco, Stuart hired, managed and mentored Ralph, beginning in 1999 and Nili beginning in 2003, each having joined Invesco as members of the Quantitative Strategies Group. Stuart was instrumental in the development of the fundamentally based stock and asset allocation factors used in quantitatively implemented portfolios, which reached over $20 billion in AUM. He also developed models to forecast the U.S. stock and bond markets used in Invesco’s asset allocation strategies and a wide array of other products.

Nili led the expansion of Invesco’s Quantitative Strategies Group U.S.-based stock and bond asset allocation strategies into a wider array of global developed markets and asset classes, including commodities, currencies, and money markets. She was directly responsible for the creation and combination of factors used in the proprietary models and the construction of global macro strategies in which over $7 billion in AUM were invested. Nili’s research efforts also focused on individual securities, with an emphasis on the design of macro and industry factors used in the stock selection models. Additionally, Nili was instrumental in the redesign of several other Invesco strategies, including the Financial Futures Hedge Fund, one of Invesco’s flagship products.

During his tenure at Invesco, Ralph was primarily responsible for stock selection model research, providing expertise in factor research and selection, weighting and timing strategies, and transactions costs modeling. As a lead idea generator, Ralph provided intuitive, fundamental, and “real world” perspectives to quantitative investing—much in the way Matarin performs its research today.